Sunday, September 23, 2012

Just the two of us

Jilly D here! Nina and I have been up to so much lately that she felt she was too busy to write, so here I am. I pretty much want to do everything that Nina does these days, including climbing on top of chairs, couches and tables. She makes me laugh so hard, but also drives me crazy when she won't share her toys. We are both in school now, Nina gets dropped off and Mama goes to school w/ me. It's a co-op preschool and we go one morning a week and so far I really like it, especially since Mama doesn't leave. In a couple of weeks we are all off to CA to visit Daddy's family and then for Thanksgiving we'll be heading back East to see Mama's family. Two big plane trips are making Mama and Daddy very anxious, but also excited to see so many people we miss and love. People stop Mama all the time now to ask if we are twins. We still don't look that much alike but the initial view with brown curly heads makes it look like we do. Here are some pictures and a video of me and my big sis and our recent adventures.