Tuesday, December 17, 2013

East Coast Thanksgiving

Mama apologizes for the delay in posts, she said she will try harder to update more frequently in the new year. Onto more important matters...we went to NJ for Thanksgiving and it was awesome! Jilly and I did very well on the plane, except for a few meltdowns, and loved staying at Uncle Benny's house in Jersey City. We got so much quality time with friends and family but always wish it was longer. We spent a couple of days in NYC with Aunt Judi and Uncle Shel and that was really exciting. Aunt Judi took Thea, Jilly and I to a Berenstein Bears musical and then to Mama's favorite Jewish deli for lunch. We ate a ton of great food on the trip! In a few days Auntie Kerry arrives for Christmas and Mama says she will post those pictures much sooner than these.

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