Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring update

We are all crawling out of our winter hibernation here and thoroughly enjoying the amazing spring weather we are having here in Seattle! It's been awesome getting to play outside so much lately. A lot of things have been happening....Jilly and I started gymnastics class and we love it! After the first class I got moved up to the next level, so Mommy was very proud. I am really strong and love climbing and hanging from the rings. Jilly is having a blast too, especially standing on her head. Mama put up a video below of us practicing our gymnastics in the living room. We were so lucky to have a visit from Granny recently and loved playing with her and showing her all of our new developments. Passover and Easter were great too, even though I got a bad stomach virus at the end of our Passover seder. You can see from the attached photo with Miya and Ava that I wasn't feeling my best. I made up for it on Easter though enjoying LOTS of candy and a fun egg hunt in the backyard that Daddy made for us. We finished up the day with a picnic at Greenlake, taking full advantage of every ray of sunshine we have. Love to all and check back soon!