Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fall shenanigans

While this Fall season was harder than usual with missing Grandma Cheryl, we tried to enjoy some of our favorite activities and cheer Mama up. We had our annual get together at Fox Hollow Farms with my PEPS group and I loved seeing all the animals and running around with my buddies that I've now know for almost five years. Mama loves seeing her mommy friends and they all get teary eyed when they think of how we are getting so big. We also hit up our favorite pumpkin patch and picked out two huge pumpkins to bring home and decorate. Poor Daddy got stuck carrying them in the rain but we loved the muddy hay ride and messy puddles to jump in! Halloween was a blast too. I was a black kitty cat and Jillian was Snow White. We had a fun party with our friends in the morning and then went trick or treating in our neighborhood in the afternoon. We filled our pumpkin buckets with tons of candy and enjoyed answering the door for the trick or treaters who came by. All in all it was a great Fall!

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

A mother's love

My very first love was my mother and now I get to be Nina and Jillian's first loves. They will someday know the pain I feel now saying goodbye to that love. There is nothing that will replace the unconditional love that my mother provided me the past almost forty years. Though we had our good times and bad knowing that someone was always there to love you no matter how badly you messed up, have your back in any instance and be genuinely interested in the minute details of your life is something I will never take for granted again. My mother loved this blog and checked it incessantly, it was her doorway to her grandchildren and to my youth for which she never forgot. I dedicate all future posts to her and will deeply miss her witty comments and obvious love for her grandchildren. She had her own way of doing everything and she did it right up until the end. I miss you mom and hope you are still reading these (and correcting my grammar) from wherever you are. I will speak of you often, tell stories of our childhood and make sure those girls know how much I loved you. I ache to hear your voice one last time but can hear you saying "I love you J-belle" because you always knew how to make me feel loved.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Oregon Coast getaway

We've been back for about a month now but Mama just got time to go through all the photos from our amazing beach vacation to the Oregon Coast. It was such a wonderful trip full of memories we will never forget. We got to stay at a beautiful house just one block from the beach in Seaside, OR with Granny, Grandpa Frank, Mimi and Auntie Kerry. Jilly and I had our own room with four twin beds, tons of toys and a television! Since we woke up super early every morning Mama and Daddy caved and let us watch a bit of it while they tried to let everyone else in the house sleep a bit more. We played a ton on the beach and got used to the "moving" water as Jilly liked to call the waves. The highlight was most definitely downtown Seaside with the carousel, bumper cars and ice cream. I was especially excited about the paddle boat and was a star peddler. We got a chance to check out Cannon Beach, which was really cool, and watch Daddy and Auntie Kerry play volleyball on the beach. It was an extremely memorable trip full of many firsts and we hope to make it a yearly tradition! Enjoy the many, many photos.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Jillian turns three

Jilly D here as I just turned three! I had such a wonderful few days celebrating my birthday. My best friends Miya and Ava started by throwing me a little party at their house since they were going to be away for my party. They were so sweet and made me a special strawberry cake and got me a beautiful butterfly Barbie doll. Then my Granny came into town and I was so happy to see her! Auntie Kerry arrived a few days later and they helped Mama and Daddy with an amazing Frozen birthday party in our backyard. The weather was beautiful and all of my friends came to bounce in a blow up princess castle with me and eat lots of yummy food and make crafts and play other games. I'm still recovering from all of the festivities and have done a really good job sharing all of my new presents with Nina. She hasn't given me much of a choice in the matter but I'm still handling it very maturely, I am three now after all. Enjoy the photos and videos of my candle blowing experiences. I found it a little tricky so the first time Miya did it for me and the second time Mama gave me a little help.

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Ballet recital

Last week was our last ballet class for the year. Mama was a little bummed we weren't allowed in the big girl recital with costumes and all, but we were able to have our parents and friends come watch our final class. I was especially proud to show everyone the Nutcracker and other dances I've been working hard on. Jilly was also able to show Daddy all of her hard work that she's been doing this year. Enjoy our many photos and videos!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring things

Spring showed itself here in Seattle a little and we have taken full advantage! I got a new big girl bike and Jilly inherited by trike and we are on the move. Daddy found a great school playground/parking lot where we can practice and we've been going there a lot. We are also so excited because our new deck is done. We've been waiting for a long time to have stairs from the house to the backyard. Jilly and I can't keep off them, which makes Daddy nervous, but we love it. We also took a trip to the University of WA campus to see the famous cherry blossoms. It really was beautiful but I was very disappointed they weren't more pink like Mama told me they would be. I really love climbing trees and got a lot of opportunities to practice my monkey skills. Here is hoping for many more days in the sun!

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Nina turns four

Nina here to tell you about my most amazingly awesome birthday celebration! It was such an exciting start when I got to go with Daddy to the airport to pick up my Granny, Grandpa Frank and Auntie Kerry. I was so happy they made the long trip to celebrate with me. We had a lot of fun especially going to Red Robin the night before my birthday to celebrate. When we left it was snowing which made it even more exciting. On my actual birthday I woke up to lots of presents, snow and a fever. Mama and Daddy gave me medicine so I could get through my party. My party was a Sofia the princess theme, which I took very seriously. I wore my beautiful Sofia dress from my family and had a blast with my friends. The next few days were rough because I got really sick, but I was grateful I was able to make it through my special day! I'm already planning my next party.

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Dancing dolls

We were so excited because Mommy and Daddy were able to come watch our dance class a few weeks ago! Here are the pictures:

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Floridian Grandparent visit

We were so happy to have our Grandpa Richard and Grandma Jane come visit us back in January. It had been a long time since we saw them and loved having them out our house to share in all of our fun. We took a few trips including the Children's Museum and Snoqualmie Falls. It was sad to see them go and we hope we can get to Florida soon to spend some more time together.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Holidays delayed

Once again, big apologies for taking so long to post these photos from the holidays. We were so lucky to have Auntie Kerry come and spend Christmas with us. She took us ice skating for the first time and we enjoyed some snow play at a ski resort. Mostly we just loved having her here and showering us with attention and love. Here are some photos from our activities.

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