Friday, June 13, 2014

Jillian turns three

Jilly D here as I just turned three! I had such a wonderful few days celebrating my birthday. My best friends Miya and Ava started by throwing me a little party at their house since they were going to be away for my party. They were so sweet and made me a special strawberry cake and got me a beautiful butterfly Barbie doll. Then my Granny came into town and I was so happy to see her! Auntie Kerry arrived a few days later and they helped Mama and Daddy with an amazing Frozen birthday party in our backyard. The weather was beautiful and all of my friends came to bounce in a blow up princess castle with me and eat lots of yummy food and make crafts and play other games. I'm still recovering from all of the festivities and have done a really good job sharing all of my new presents with Nina. She hasn't given me much of a choice in the matter but I'm still handling it very maturely, I am three now after all. Enjoy the photos and videos of my candle blowing experiences. I found it a little tricky so the first time Miya did it for me and the second time Mama gave me a little help.

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Ballet recital

Last week was our last ballet class for the year. Mama was a little bummed we weren't allowed in the big girl recital with costumes and all, but we were able to have our parents and friends come watch our final class. I was especially proud to show everyone the Nutcracker and other dances I've been working hard on. Jilly was also able to show Daddy all of her hard work that she's been doing this year. Enjoy our many photos and videos!

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