Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cali fun

We had a wonderful time on our trip to CA. It was action packed but well worth it. LA with our Aunties Leslie and Mary was very special. They took us to this awesome train museum where Jilly and I got to run around on actual trains and we really enjoyed singing and dancing together. Shabbot dinner was especially nice as we got to meet my Mama's Uncle Alan. The only downside was when Mama got mad at me for making poopy jokes during dinner, I really do need to work on my table manners. I also got to visit with my Great Grandpa John who was really sick. I was very grateful for the time since he passed on a few days ago. Our long road trip to Sacramento went really well, I watched a ton of tv and Jilly slept on and off. We loved the swings and all the outdoor activities at Granny and Grandpa Frank's house. A trip to the river was really fun. Auntie Kerry bought us awesome life vests and rafts and we had a blast throwing rocks and swimming with our family. Mimi came to spend time with us too and I liked swinging with her and chatting. Granny had a little BBQ so we got to see all of our old friends, including our buddy Grant. We enjoyed popsicles, swimming and playing in the yard for hours. Jilly and I also had our first chicken drumsticks and we loved them! Poor Daddy, his hope of us being meat-free is fading fast. We ended our amazing trip with a visit to the zoo with Granny and Grandpa Frank and a train ride. We miss everyone a lot but were very grateful for creating so many new memories with our family. Here are the photos, there are a lot but Mama just couldn't narrow it down.

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