Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring time fun

Even though the weather in Seattle isn't quite spring-like yet, we've still been having a lot of fun! Passover was last week and Mama made a nice Sedar for us. My friend Miya came along with her family, her Daddy is Jewish so we decided since she and I are both half, we made a whole Jew together!

I love walking around outside and exploring all the new smells and the way my feet feel walking on the grass. This weekend Daddy dressed me before we went out and he made us match! I loved it because I'm obsessed with him now and cry every time he leaves.

Yesterday we had a wonderful Easter celebration with my friend Will's family. They went all out and got me an awesome Easter basket filled w/ fun toys. I loved playing bubbles with Will's Uncle. Mama dressed me up real fancy, she even put me in a bunny coat with ears.

Looking forward to my Uncle Benny's visit next week!

Monday, April 11, 2011

14 month adventures

On Saturday I turned 14 months old! I've been up to a lot of new tricks lately, so I thought I'd share them with you. My walking is coming along great, and I'm working on running already, which Mama says is exhausting for her and her big belly. I'm also a full on toddler now and express myself quite well through screaming, yelling and laughing when it gets a reaction.

Here are some photos of my recent escapades including a playdate with my friend William and a very surprised look as Max and I listened to his Daddy play the guitar. Also a video of me and Daddy, he was trying to get me to show off my new tricks. As long as I get applause, I'll do just about anything!