Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cousin fun

I had such an amazing week with my Cousin Thea and Uncle Luke! They came all the way from New Jersey to visit us and it was wonderful.

We did so many things together including lots of park visits, the wading pool, Children's Museum and just plain hanging out in the backyard with the sprinkler. I loved having Thea here but I think I annoyed her at times when I grabbed toys from her and followed her around everywhere. I did love watching her dance shows though, she's got some great moves. Mama took Thea out for a date day and they got manis and pedis, can't wait till I have the patience, in about 20 yrs, to sit still in a chair and do that with Mama too.

I learned how to say "uncle" and just loved playing with my Uncle Luke. He was blown away by my energy level and said he now understands just how hard Mama has it with me and Jilly.

Here are some pictures from our adventures together and a video of us hanging out. I feel so lucky to have such a special cousin and Uncle!

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mike and Susie visit

I had such a fun week with Dada's Uncle Mike and Aunt Susie! They came all the way from CA to help us out and it was sure great having them here.

Uncle Mike really makes me laugh with his goofy sounds, peekaboo games and guitar playing. Aunt Susie took really good care of Jilly and I too, always there lending a hand when Mama needed it.

On the 9th, I turned 18 months old and Jilly turned 2 months old. We had an exciting outing to the pediatrician. Mama was very grateful that Mike and Susie were along to help out, we really did need all six hands. I've grown lots and Jilly is up to 10 lbs now. I've also added "Nayna" to my vocabulary which actually means Nina. I point to pictures of myself and say it. Pretty cool.

Here are some pictures of our week with the Sanders. We miss them lots!

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