Monday, June 24, 2013

New beginnings

It has been a very big week for me so I thought I'd report. I started wearing underwear all the time now, no more diapers during the day! I've been working very hard on it and am proud of myself. I also moved up to my big girl bed, no more crib. I really love being able to get in and out by myself. Jilly and I also love reading and putting our babies to sleep in it. We had school pictures at my class recently so Mama posted those pictures for you. She says I look like a big girl in them.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jillian turns two

Jilly here to share with you my photos from my awesome birthday celebrations! Mama and Daddy threw me a party at a play area with my friend Laurel, who also turned two. We had lots of our friends there and of course our older sisters, who enjoyed the party as much as us. A few days later my Granny, Grandpa Frank and Auntie Kerry came out from CA to celebrate my birthday with me. I was so happy to see them and was blown away by my super duper new little cottage they built for me in the backyard. I have to share it with Nina, but that's okay as long as she isn't slamming my hand in the door. On my actual birthday we had a beach day with my friend Pip and her family and then went to dinner at Red Robin, doesn't get better than that. I liked when they sang to me and the ice cream wasn't bad either. It was a very special birthday though the biggest memory of it by far was my Elmo cupcake. I mention it at least twice a day.

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