Thursday, October 2, 2014

A mother's love

My very first love was my mother and now I get to be Nina and Jillian's first loves. They will someday know the pain I feel now saying goodbye to that love. There is nothing that will replace the unconditional love that my mother provided me the past almost forty years. Though we had our good times and bad knowing that someone was always there to love you no matter how badly you messed up, have your back in any instance and be genuinely interested in the minute details of your life is something I will never take for granted again. My mother loved this blog and checked it incessantly, it was her doorway to her grandchildren and to my youth for which she never forgot. I dedicate all future posts to her and will deeply miss her witty comments and obvious love for her grandchildren. She had her own way of doing everything and she did it right up until the end. I miss you mom and hope you are still reading these (and correcting my grammar) from wherever you are. I will speak of you often, tell stories of our childhood and make sure those girls know how much I loved you. I ache to hear your voice one last time but can hear you saying "I love you J-belle" because you always knew how to make me feel loved.