Saturday, October 23, 2010

Granny visit

Last weekend was really fun, my Granny came to visit from CA! On Saturday we went pumpkin picking and I got to go on a hayride. I also got to wear my cool pumpkin hat that Mama bought me.

I took Granny to story time at the library and she really had fun seeing all of the other babies and dancing, singing and reading to me. I liked showing her all my favorite things to do. She was working really hard on getting me to crawl, but I'm still just fine rocking on my hands and knees and scooting back.

I've also discovered Sesame Street. Daddy and I like to watch it in the mornings.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Voice of an angel

Here's some video of me chatting it up last week. Auntie Katy and her new baby Capucine were over and I had a lot to share with everyone.

8 months

Yesterday I turned 8 months old, not an especially exciting day but Mommy and Daddy seemed sentimental again. Even though I've given up on sleep, they still love me.

Here are some pictures of my recent adventures. My Auntie Kerry came to visit and brought me lots of toys! I really enjoyed my time with her, especially my first trip to the Aquarium. I just love those sea otters (Mama made me write that, she's obsessed with them.)

Also a photo of me helping Mama with the laundry, she always says I'm such a good helper. Not sure why Dad snickers every time she says that. You'll notice my cheeks look a little red, I apparently have eczema. Daddy had it as a baby too but I'm feeling much better after I went to the dermatologist.