Monday, February 20, 2012

"Two" much fun

Guess what? I'm two! I had such a great birthday week with many celebrations.

My mom's friend Auntie Carolyn was visiting us from NYC on my actual bday, which was a blast. We went to Red Robin for dinner and they sang to me, brought me a balloon and an awesome ice cream sundae. It was also Jilly's 8 month bday that day so I did let her share in the celebration a bit.

The big bday week ended with a bash at Gymboree that Mama threw with a couple of my friend's Moms. We all met in a newborn baby group two years ago so it was a trip to reminisce about the past two years together. I especially loved my cake, I was the last kid at the table munching away. Jilly had a lot of fun too, she munched on pizza crust and played hard. The last photo was of Jilly after the party, she was snoring she was so tired.

Mama and Daddy keep telling me how proud they are of me and how much joy I bring to them. That makes me happy and I can't wait for many more exciting bdays to come!

Click here for all the photos:
Kodak Gallery: Nina's 2nd birthday

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Water baby

It's Jilly D here! I just started swim lessons with Daddy and wanted to share a photo Mama took of me in my new watermelon bathing suit.

I like my bathing suit more than the pool so far, but Daddy is determined so we are going back again this week. I'll report back.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow and more

So much to report I don't know where to begin! Probably with our snow storm that we had a few weeks ago. Mama said it didn't live up to the "snowpocalypse" and "snowmageddon" terms that were being used by Seattlites, but it was a lot for us. I loved walking and playing in it but I didn't get to go to school for a week and we were bored at home after a few days.

Jilly is now officially sitting up and it's really fun to see her developing into a little person. She loves to play with toys, especially mine and I don't appreciate that. I'm learning about taking turns.

We had some sunshine for a few days so Mama took us for a walk in the double stroller and Jilly sat in it like I do, no car seat! She really liked riding that way. She even tried the swings at the park and loved that too.

Here are some photos from our all of our firsts.

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