Thursday, June 18, 2015

The graduate

Nina made us so proud this June as she graduated from her preschool at the Beth Shalom congregation. We have been so grateful for the three wonderful years she has spent there and are sad to see her leave but are thrilled Jillian will follow in her footsteps and attend there next year. Nina and her class, Eitim (Eagles in Hebrew), designed their own Talit and entered singing a song and then sat in a circle and shared with us what their year encompassed. They also performed a routine to a blooming song and danced. The most special part of the night was when each child got to sit in the middle of the circle while the teachers and school director shared their thoughts and love. This is what Nina's favorite teacher said about her: "Nina, you are wise which means that you know things not just in your head but in your whole body, including your heart. And you know things in a way that helps everyone around you. You are also always dancing!" It was very touching and we were so proud of our amazing Nina Bug. While Nina is processing lots of emotions about leaving Beth Shalom she is getting more and more excited about Kindergarten and we are excited to start her journey at John Rogers Elementary School right across the street from our house! Here are some photos and videos of the special evening.

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